Shutting the Door on Classroom Noise and Distraction

Nothing is more distracting to young students than joyful playground sounds or the energy and excitement of kids laughing and chattering down a hallway. Passing conversations, random shouts, even just shuffling footsteps are often all it takes to disrupt a classroom. From whole-class discussions, to quiet reading times, shutting the door on excessive noise and distraction is critical in to maintaining a comfortable learning environment.

While at school, children are exposed to many types of noise including external and environmental noise, and noise generated within classrooms. Music rooms, band rooms, and auditoriums create a high level of sound as well. Beyond simply being a distraction, research has shown that noise has detrimental effects upon children's performance at school, including reduced memory, motivation, and reading ability.

Building component technology — including door openings, door hardware, gasket systems, door bottoms and glazing — has evolved in recent years to make sound attenuation a practicality, both in terms of affordability and ease of installation. The latest generation of Sound Transmission Class (STC) openings are designed and tested to help control even the noisiest environments. 

Innovations in sound attenuation technology and its application in door openings are making a noticeable difference in the built environment. Schools can enhance learning conditions with quieter classrooms. Door openings contribute to better sound control, all while maintaining the safety and security of building occupants.

Door hardware plays a significant role in sound control as well. The SARGENT 56 Electric Latch Retraction (ELR) exit device, for example, is extremely quiet, and is ideal for school auditoriums and assembly spaces or any environment sensitive to noise.

So, whether it's an A/V cart noisily rolling its way past classrooms, or the shrieks and clangs of a heated tetherball match just outside, acoustically designed doors, door openings, and hardware can filter out even the most compelling distractions, and help students and teachers stay focused on the lessons at hand.