Products that give that “aha!” moment - live blogging from NeoCon East 2017!

Sometimes the smallest of features can invoke the biggest moments of inspiration. For architects and designers – a group known to be the inspirers of good design – that means the tiniest of details might be the fantastic finishing touch that ends up inspiring people, improving the places we live and work in, and tipping designs from amazing to award-winning.

At NeoCon East 2017, ASSA ABLOY is highlighting a number of door and hardware products that tip otherwise commodity solutions in favor of “the inspirers” of good design. Products that take the necessary and make them look extraordinary. Products that give that “aha!” moment.


Examples of this are CECO and CURRIES “OGEE” Profile Hollow Metal Frames and High Definition Embossed Hollow Metal Doors. Both serve as a decorative answer to the flat-faced counterparts that have become typical in the specification of hollow metal doors and frames.


Hollow metal doors and frames with attractive designs make no sacrifice in durability, but allow architects and designers to improve upon environments that benefit from having additional ornamental touches, specifically in the multi-family residential space. It’s just one of those small, yet critical, components that can set a space apart.

For more, visit ASSA ABLOY at booth #1048 at NeoCon East 2017 or check back on the blog for a few more updates from the show!