Built To Move

by Dale A. Anderson

Healthcare projects today, whether they’re inpatient or outpatient settings, are fueled by client goals of achieving flexibility and reduced cost. In the design and construction world, the latest trend to answer those combined needs isn’t new at all—rather, it’s a new application of an old solution: prefabricated wall systems.

Also described as “modular” or “manufactured,” these wall systems comprise standardized components that are fabricated in a factory and shipped to a project site to be assembled into desired room and space configurations. Flexibility and interchangeability were two of the key characteristics that made them popular for decades in office settings and a worthwhile alternative to hard construction installations, allowing easy reconfiguration of space when needed. However, it wasn’t until recently that manufacturers adapted the products in a way that made them suitable for healthcare environments. Specifically, improvements to acoustic performance, ability to support medical devices, and standardized sizes corresponding to medical facilities were accommodated to make the products more desirable for use.

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