Have you ever been drawn to a particular space or place? Felt empowered or more productive when you’re in it? Gone out of your way to spend time there? Maybe you’ve experienced a haven for learning, or a sanctuary for healing and recovery.

The built environment has as profound an affect on our behavior, demeanor and well being as does our DNA, and doors and door hardware may be the most intimate points of contact we have with a building.

We’re affected by the way a door looks, and the way the lever or pull on that door feels. So while the first job of doors and hardware is to make what’s behind them safe and secure, their aesthetics – their contribution to the dominant attitude of a space and the human experience – matter, too.

ASSA ABLOY Group brands provide beautiful doors, frames and hardware that will inspire you and invigorate your interiors.

Can doors, frames and hardware contribute to the quality of the built environment and the human experience?

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Sandy Matheny

Director Decorative Openings

Blog Editor


Door Security Solutions

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